Lay on a breakfast of champions, every day
by scheduling the best artisan delivery to
your door by 7am with Loafly
Make a one off-purchase or create a rolling weekly plan – choose your favourite breakfast goodies and make as many changes as you like until 1pm
Every day your goodies will be freshly baked and prepared by our favourite bakers, juicers and dairies
Your Loafly cooler bag filled with your breakfast goodies will be ready and waiting on your doorstep by 7am guaranteed
We will collect the Loafly cooler bag from your doorstep – to be cleaned and used again
We’ve picked the very best artisanal breads, freshest dairy products and the zestiest juices – so no more soggy cereal!
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We were fed up with second-rate
breakfasts – bread from the day before, soggy cereals or grabbing a breakfast bar on the rush out the door. The more we thought about it the more we were sure – there must be a better way of doing breakfast…
So we set ourselves the challenge – to make breakfast better, fresher, healthier and delicious…and most importantly an event worth waking up for! We went and met some of the most reputable bakers in London – because we wanted to find the very best breads that families would love. We looked for the best dairies to provide us with fresh organic milks and we found the most natural juices. Then, we joined forces with a team of tech-wizards to create an app capable of delivering the very best to London’s breakfast tables by 7am every day.
And so we present Loafly – and we really hope you enjoy your breakfasts as much we love bringing it to you!
Who bakes your bread?
We spent a good few months finding the best bakers, and hand on heart we've hit the jackpot with 13 Great Taste Gold Stars winning, The Flour Station. These talented and meticulous artisans work with the best ingredients, supply the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in London - and now you!
Are you organic, free-range and sustainable?
Yes, yes and yes!
Our milk is 100% organic, coming from cows that freely graze on luscious local pastures.
Our bakery only uses free-range eggs and give what little waste they have to local charities and to farmers for feed.
And what's more – we deliver in our special Loafly cooler bags – designed to be collected and re-used.
Why are you called Loafly?
Well, we're lovely and we love a good loaf, so we put the two word together and the rest is history! P.s. You say it LOAF - LEE.
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